Exploring emerging technology applications with passion projects & fun experiments

Some of my projects focus on further exploring my master's thesis at the intersection of machine learning & interaction design. Taking an ethical, humane & holistic approach in designing an algorithm-filled future.


Website listing all books & data visualization of all books I’ve read since 2013

Explore random alcoholic cocktail recipes

Early stages of learning blender. Re-created some iconic pixel art

A webapp to alert when you touch your face. Built with teachable machine

A posture tracker that blurs out youtube videos if you’re not sitting straight.

A tinyML powered personal boxing trainer built using an Arduino.

A smart apron and iOS app to control cooking video playback.

Framer plugin to get AI generated images for your project.

Apply the style of “Roars of our Stars” fanart to yourself via webcam.

A nostalgic puzzle based arcade game to push the limits of play

Play different minion sounds as you move your head across