Hi, I'm Atharva. A product designer, amateur engineer & an iteration in progress...

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Senior Product Designer, Labelbox

2022 - Present

Labelbox is a data-centric AI platform with tools that enable AI-assisted labeling, model training & diagnostics, etc., to build better AI products. As a product designer, I have contributed to fleshing out new experiences and iterating on existing ones. Some recent highlights:

Performance Dashboard

Release blog post . 2023

AI assisted labeling

Release blog post . 2023

Advance NLP search

Release blog post . 2023

Labelbox logo in the center of an rectangle

Product Designer, Atlas AI

2020 - 2022

Atlas AI provides continental-scale geospatial data insights to various customers from World Bank to large-scale telecom providers. As the founding designer, I designed geospatial enterprise tools for organizations to understand insights into their current & potential markets.

Data Explorer

Product case study . 20-22

Demand Intelligence platform

Product case study . 20-22

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AI x Design experiments

2019 - ongoing

I've been experimenting with making AI based applications with some fun experiments. Here's a small collection of some highlights.

Centaur hypothesis

Thesis presentation . 2020


Experimental interaction . 2019

Point A Sketch

Design + FE dev . 2023

Don’t touch your face

Design + FE dev . 2020

Sit Straight

Design + FE dev . 2020

Doctor who style transfer

Design + FE dev . 2019

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Product Designer, Kayak


Millions of users use Kayak to search for the best possible flights that match their schedule & preferences at the lowest price possible. Kayak's specific desktop search functionality assists them with the task. I worked cross-domain with the user research & business teams to iterate on new search & filter functionality.

Case study

Feature highlight . 2019