Atharva holding a dog

Hi, I’m Atharva. I’m a product designer who codes. Currently leading design at Atlas AI.

At Atlas AI, I design geospatial market intelligence tools. Previously, I worked on designing advanced flight search experiences at Kayak & the driver-partners apps at Olacabs crafting experiences for the next billion users across Southeast Asia.
I explore emerging tech in my spare time by building interactive prototypes using machine learning, Threejs & open-source hardware. You can find them on the prototypes page.
I enjoy talking to new people, both to learn and share. Please don't hesitate to reach out via Email, Twitter or Linkedin.

Selected Work

2020 - Present

I currently lead product design at Atlas AI where I create geospatial tools for organizations to understand socioecononic conditions & derive actionable insights.

↳ As the founding designer I am currently involved across product, market discovery and growth. Collaborating with stakeholders to make data actionable, anticipating user needs and rapidly prototyping potential new product streams.


At the height of the pandemic in New York I designed & developed a ML powered tool to alert if someone is touching their face.

↳ Built as an response to a growing public health crisis and a shift in the increased time spent in front of laptops/desktops. You can try the tool or read the case study.

↳ In parallel also developed an tool to track good posture using the same technology. You can try the tool here . This evolved into my master’s thesis on the human AI collaboration.


Designed advanced search features to assist travellers in customizing their flight search at Kayak

↳ Collaborating with the user research, product and business teams I designed, protoyped and tested multiple advanced search tools. Two of them still help millions of travellers find the right flights. Read more about my work.

2016 - 2018

An unique experience building & scaling the driver partner ecosystem for the next billion users across geographies, device types & languages

↳ As a fullstack designer I had the experience of designing an unique non-handheld device interactions that inform the driver of activities without taking their attention away from the road.

↳ I grew with my role starting out by designing smaller features to designing across multiple products, owning design and delivery and mentoring other designers.

↳ I also had a chance to work for the connected car experiences for Ola Play on the driver dashboard interfaces.

2014 - 2016

Begining of a career in design by cutting my teeth at startups like as MagicX & Cubeit.

↳ Pivoting my career from mechanical engineering to experience design by diving into the deep end of early stage startups & learning the ropes by juggling different hats.