Atharva Patil
नमस्कार मंडळी 🙏

Hello there!

I’m Atharva, a product designer from India currently living in New York. These days, I am a leading design at Atlas AI, where I design for bringing continental scale geospatial socio economic & infrastructure data into actionable insights for high impact investments.

Previously, I worked on designing advanced flight search experiences at Kayak & the driver-partners apps at Olacabs crafting experiences for the next billion users across Southeast Asia.

Interdisciplinary philosophy

In addition to being a full-time product designer, I'm also an amateur developer & hardware prototyper. Skills I picked up over the years out of curiosity born from observing different stakeholders contributions and how they affect the system around them.
I enjoy learning new things to break the myopic barriers set by silos of disciplines. My side projects focus on exploring modern web development, machine learning applications, ethical AI, and Augmented Reality. You can check out some of my projects on the Play Page.

Beyond design

When I'm not doing tech stuff you can find me on long walks in NYC, hiking over the weekends, or snuggled with the nice book in my reading nook. Recently, I've started learning the ukulele and D3js. If you have and good resources to learn do share.