Hi, I'm Atharva, commonly known by my last name Patil. I'm a Product Designer from India currently living in Seattle.

Currently I'm working as a Product Designer at Labelbox, an AI-assisted labeling, model training & diagnostics product suite. Previously, I led design at Atlas AI creating demand intelligence tools for organizations to operationalize their on-ground efforts more effectively. I worked on designing advanced flight search experiences at Kayak & the driver-partners apps at Olacabs, crafting experiences for the next billion users across Southeast Asia.

I like to embody an interdisciplinary philosophy to my craft, trying to break free from myopic barriers set by silos of disciplines. This curiosity led me to learn web development and hardware prototyping that I use both in a professional setting to collaborate with colleagues and bring my ideas to life.

After hours you can find me snuggled in a book, exploring Seattle, hiking, or engaged in a pointless debate with anyone willing.

I'm always interested in new ideas and perspectives. I'd love to meet you IRL and talk more. Thanks for stopping by.

Atharva Patil



(2022 - Present)

Atlas AI

(2020 - 2022)




(2016 - 2018)


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(2014 - 2015)

Speaking & Exhibit

How to design for AI? | Growthschool 2023

Sharing personal experiences & Labelbox work to highlight role of design in building AI products

The Centaur Hypothesis | ITP Thesis Week 2020

Thesis presentation on guiding principles to design for AI based applications

My friend is a vegetarian for a better AI | T4SG 2020

A talk on ethical practices on creating AI driven applications

Punchy | ITP Winter show 2020

A boxing coach for amateurs to improve their skills & have a DIY workout with a focus on user data privacy

Recipe Controller | ITP Winter show 2019

Project by Anna Oh built using a iOS Arduino bluetooth library I made to create haptic interactions

The Mystery Box | ITP Winter show 2018

An interactive arcade puzzle game exploring relationships between tactile & digital interfaces

Looking/open to speaking engagements 👀

Looking to get better at public speaking. I can talk about designing for AI, Prototyping with Code as a Designer, Navigating ambigious problem spaces, etc