Atlas AI
A demand intelligence platform to help organizations find every last customer

Screenshots of Atlas AI working product


Aperture™ demand intelligence is the latest product by Atlas AI. The platform helps customers understand their current business operations holistically by combining their own data with Atlas AI’s proprietary socio-economic & demographic.

Our goal is to help customers understand their business better in conjunction with changing market dynamics so they actionable insights to improve, optimize and expand their business. The demand intelligence platform helps customers better operational decisions contextualizing the data using different visualizations such as dashboards, geospatial visualization and dynamic tabular views.

My role

User and technology research, lead designer & prototype(2020 - Present)


Deven Desai(Product), Jeff Bishop, Bborie Park, Jacob Chapman, Mohammad Yazdani, Austin Lee, etc.(Engineering)


We are iterating on the demand intelligence product with a handful of customers to better understand customer needs broadly across different industries and the guiding indicators that drive their businesses.

Although I can’t shared any specific details you can find some of the images we have made public as part of our outreach and marketing. The product itself is evolving so they may not look the same even couple of weeks/months from now. Reach out to me if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Or checkout more documentation on our first product Aperture™ research.

Last update: 30 Aug 2022


Key region highlights for a data attribute
Geospatial visualization with filters applied for narrowing areas of interest.
Dashboard to understand the core business
Dashboard to understand the core business.
Tablular view of the data
Tablular view of the data.